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December and November are notorious for their workload and deadlines. However, much fun was to be experienced. Here are some pictures instead of words.

A different context for academic work: lectures in the old Lantaren-Venster cinema give an entirely different atmosphere and improved interaction between audience and speaker. We will return here! Picture by Fred Ernst

Urban planner and author of the great book 'Cities, Design and Evolution' gave a great lecture about conurbations and urban planning as an evolutionary process. A great evening and a fully packed house, i.e. a definitive success. Picture by Fred Ernst

Meanwhile, storms and full moon tested Rotterdam's defense mechanisms against high water levels. Things got a bit wet but not to the extent that the Nieuwe Maas had to be closed off. The problem with good water management is that you rarely get the chance to test how good it is. This was one opportunity. Picture by Andres Dijkshoorn

BJ Nilsen was our guest last Thursday and he performed an extended version of 'The Invisible City'. It was a truly inspiring performance. For those who wonder what Mr. Nilsen does during a performance: here is a view from his office space, as seen during the sound checks. Picture by me.


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May I draw your attention to this special event. The Invisible City is an evening of music, experiments and emotions. The first part of the evening is a live improvisation with sounds and field-recordings by Pieck, Zeno van den Broek (Machinist, elektronica & field recordings), Peter Johan Nyland (Hadewych, percussion) and Coen Polack (Living Ornaments, saxophone). The second part of the evening is a live performance of The Invisible City by BJ Nilsen, including an introduction to the set and an interview with BJ Nielsen. A very special event indeed, not to be missed.

Location: Huis aan de Werf, Utrecht
Tickets and information can be found here

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Review of ‘Nul=0’

I reviewed the ‘Nul=0’ exhibition of avant-garde art at the Stedelijk Museum Schiedam. Read it here at the revamped PAUME-website.

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I reviewed Friedrich’s ‘Before the Deluge’ about the relationship between art, politics and the urban in Berlin between the two world wars for the PAUME website. Click here to read my review of this amazing book.

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Today we launched a new version of the PAUME website, including an agenda, artist-in-residence, background information and much more. Anybody interested in contemporary and avant-garde art, with an emphasis on the urban, may be interested to check out our new website at this link.

We included a section with background information about PAUME and a movie that pays homage to the art that inspired us to start PAUME, including Van Dillens De Stad discussed earlier on this weblog.

Please note that PAUME is curating an evening at the annual Le Guess Who Festival in Utrecht, featuring The Tapeworm:


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